Salt Analysis: What It Really Means

Salt Analysis of Celtic Sea Salt® showed higher levels of beneficial trace minerals.

  • This means that compared to mined salt (salt that doesn’t come from the sea), Celtic Sea Salt® contains more potassium, magnesium and calcium.
  • This means that you’re replenishing your body’s supply of trace minerals needed for cell regulation, increasing energy levels, fighting premature aging, boosting immune system, delivering oxygen to the blood, and improving nutrient absorption.
  • This means, as per the results of the salt analysis, that you’re not getting these essential trace minerals if you’re using refined salt.

Celtic Sea Salt® has extremely low levels of heavy metals.

Celtic Sea Salt can help prevent heart attack.

  • This means that although some heavy metals are needed by the body, most of it are deemed poisonous. And by using Celtic Sea Salt® you are reducing your risk of heavy metals poisoning.
  • This means, following the results of the salt analysis, that you are reducing your chances of getting certain degenerative diseases because of chronic exposure to heavy metals. In some cases, heavy metals have also been associated with cancer, cardiovascular, and gastrointestinal diseases.
  • This means you might be risking yourself to exposure and ingestion of heavy metals if you’re not using Celtic Sea Salt®.

Celtic Sea Salt® has lower amounts of sodium and chloride.

Celtic Sea Salt® Toasted Sesame Salts

  • This means that it’s good news for some hypertensives who have an adverse effect to an increase in both.
  • This means you can maintain your recommended daily salt intake more effectively.
  • This means, as shown in the results of the salt analysis, using Celtic Sea Salt® can be your start in cutting back on sodium and chloride if you consume too many.

Selina Naturally® is in constant pursuit of maintaining the highest level of integrity in our products. Our success in bringing you the finest quality of Celtic Sea Salt® as proven by the latest scientific methods is a testament to our commitment.


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