Celtic Sea Salt®, a Third-Generation Family Business

Famous brands all over the US began as a family business. Heinz Ketchup, Johnson and Johnson, Ford, and many others were the cornerstone for creating America as we know it today. But where are those original family members now? Many of these large companies were bought out by corporations leaving the founding families with a nice chunk of change to start other endeavors or retire early. Only a select few companies are still owned by the original families. Celtic Sea Salt® is one of those companies. Almost 40 years ago, my grandfather, Jacques Delangre, started this company with a mission to bring minerals back into the kitchen of every home in America.

After the 1930s when the dust bowl ran across this land, it left the US soil depleted of natural minerals including selenium, magnesium, potassium and many other trace minerals that are vital to our health. Without these elements, our vegetables and crops are not as rich in nutrients as our bodies need. My grandfather recognized this lack of minerals and realized that a whole sea salt is just what Americans need to help compensate for this depletion. He traveled the world searching for a high mineral sea salt that was also sustainable for the earth. Morton had been around for decades and had a process that stripped the sea salt of vital minerals and added harmful chemicals to make the product more convenient. My grandfather knew the United States would need an alternative to the white free flowing salt that was a mainstay in every kitchen.

After traveling the world, my grandfather came to a beautiful region that was historically influenced by the ancient Celts. The Celts had an ancient method of harvesting sea salt that was also found in other parts of the world, but this land was unique with its living clay that gently caressed each salt crystal. The romantic Celtic-inspired town is how he created the brand name Celtic Sea Salt®. This clay played a vital role in the harmony of all the flora and fauna in that region, including the salt flats that housed many beneficial living organisms.

It was this living clay that created the “living salt” that my grandfather knew would change the lives of Americans forever. Carrying the salt back to California in his suitcase he sold it by the pound to his friends and family. The region where he first found the salt had a very limited supply. The art of salt harvesting was dying and the industry was suffering due to the “convenient” table salt Morton had created. Also, with a raw natural product like this one that is so dependent on perfect weather, people could not rely on a consistent crop each year.

The flavor of this precious salt captivated Americans’ taste buds and the minerals seemed to vitalize their bodies in ways they had never felt before, and they demanded more. So my grandfather began to charge $5.00 per pound, the same priceCeltic Sea Salt® is today. With the demand increasing and the supply still scarce, he decided to create a buyers club called The Grain and Salt Society®, where members would have first rights to buy the salt in case of any shortage. He then wrote the book Sea Salt’s Hidden Powers, after researching and exploring all the miraculous benefits of this whole salt. The book went viral — it was translated into 7 different languages and distributed around the world. Doctors, nutritionists, and other scientists were inspired by the book to do their own research where they too discovered the beneficial effects of this salt when consumed daily.

What many doctors discovered is that sodium is not the culprit to poor health with a high salt diet. It is the sodium and potassium ratio that makes sea salt a beneficial element in our diets. Sodium is found in many parts of our bodies, but through sweat, elimination, and tears we lose many milligrams of sodium daily. It is important to replenish sodium in the form that the body knows how to utilize it. Research has shown that if sodium is bonded with a potassium cation, which unlocks the potassium pump in our cell walls, then  sodium can replenish into the areas that the cells are depleted. Without the potassium cation the pump will not unlock which causes the cells to swell with too much sodium, this is where edema and hypertension begin to occur. Today over 600 doctors and thousands of chefs worldwide recommend and use the Celtic Sea Salt® brand.

Three generations later I am proud to say we are still doing the work my grandfather had started. We have kept this salt whole, raw, and sustainable. The once-struggling salt harvesting region is now thriving and is

one of the most impressive all-natural hand harvesting salt operations in the world. My cousin, sister, mother, aunt and I all still participate in providing this whole, high-mineral sea salt to people all over the


world. We are honored to have this heritage of integrity that we can continue to pass on to our children. We have the 4th generation in training now and look forward to the world that our children can live in with this authentic salt that has enhanced so many lives. Our mission today is to continue to “restore the reputation of salt.”

Written by Carla Delangre

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